If you love travelling, or have dreams higher than the number in my bank account, then you’re in the right place.

I’m Heidi, a limitless traveller from the UK. ¬†Currently, I’m based in Brighton whilst completing my degree but Im originally from Dorset, that area where everyone always says ‘ohh the really pretty place’ and then looks around awkwardly for something else to say. And as much as I love my home town, I’m sure like many of you are, I was ready to explore the outdoor world as soon as possible.

My first trip was riding solo to Ghana, West Africa with an organisation when I was 16. The one thing that always sticks with me is..avoid MOST organisations. Rule one of travelling: always say yes to a new location. I will speak about this trip in greater depth in a later entry, but don’t make the rookie mistake I did, go with an organisation that doesn’t charge you an arm and a leg, especially if you’re already skint. However, it was this trip that started off my travel bug, wanderlust as some call it, and for me, little did I know, my future.

Fast forward three summers (because lets face it, anyone who travels whilst studying measures time with the number of summers that have passed), I’ve travelled on a surprisingly amount of sponsored trips. I’ve picked up a parasite from India, wild camped in Austria and met ex-presidents in Monaco. Trust me when I say anything is possible.

However, the main point of my first blog is to explain my random travel orientated title. Its pretty obvious to be honest. My next expedition is to the 7th continent..Antarctica. I’ll be heading off in January to work with a fantastic team of other globe trotters, returning before I turn 19 in February. Before you jump to conclusions..no, I’m not rich, and no, I wasn’t born into a life of amazing contacts. But follow my blog to explore how it can be possible to travel for free and how to find the best opportunities available. I’ll be discussing general travel tips, backpacking, female travellers, money hacks, specific locations and some of my favourite travel organisations.

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